Katsuya Matsumura

Born in '62. Upon graduating from a college, he entered a film production where he worked mainly as a documentalist, and won one of prestigious prizes at Mainichi Film and News Concours with a documentary on Doroku Pollution in '88. In '92, he first directed a feature, All Night Long, a cult psycho horror, with which he received the best newcomer award at Yokohama Int'l Film Festival.

2004 Kirei? ? The terror of beauty
2003 All Night Long ? initial O [Original Video]
2001 All Night Long R ? returns [Original Video]
1996 All Night Long 3 ? saishu-sho [Original Video]
1995 All Night Long 2 [Original Video]
1992 All Night Long

Kirei? - The terror of beauty

(Digital Video^85min^color/American Vista/Stereo)
directed by Katsuya Matsumura


Yoko Noguchi is already an established plastic surgeon who is still in twenties and runs her own clinic. Not only her skills, but also her beautiful face is the key of her success and that brings many women to her clinic. In private, she enjoys a satisfying love life with a doctor, the son of a big hospital. One day she is visited by a woman named Yoshie after business hour. She wears a cap that is deeply pulled down half way through on her face and asks Yoko to make her face like Yoko. Yoshie demands Yoko alone operates without any help of nurses at off business hour. In return Yoshie shows a stack of bills as the fee of surgery. Yoko is reluctant in the beginning, but gives it second thoughts, as the amount Yoshie presents is much more than the regular cost. When the surgery is successfully done, Yoko thinks it's all over with Yoshie, but Yoshie comes back again with more money to give and demands another surgery. And this is the only beginning of the chilling terror that drives Yoko insane. It is to ultimately shatter her career and life.

Yukiko Okamoto / Asuka Kurosawa / Miki Asakura / Kota Kusano

Producers: Tomohiro Kobayashi / Kenjiro Nishi/ Tetsuya Ikeda
Script: Katsuya Matsumura & Rusher Ikeda / DP: Masami Inomoto / Art Direcotr: Ikuko Nojiri / Special Make-Up: Soichi Umezawa / Music: Teruo Takahama /
Based on a novel written by Kei Yuikawa uKIREIv
2004 Nippon Shuppan Hanbai Inc & GP Museum Soft