Born in Osaka in f67. He started working in film as a script writer for a epink filmf, or soft core film in f92 and the same year his first independently made film, NATSUIRO ROMAN won a prize at Tsutaya Indies Film Festival. STACY (aka Attack of School Girl Zombie) f01 earned him a gstatush of zombie director and this film pays homage to George A. Romero.

Zombie, The Self Defense Force

directed by Naoyuki TOMOMATSU



A small unit of the Japanese Land Self-defense Force is on a training mission in the forests near Mount Fuji when they are suddenly attacked by hordes of man-eating zombies. Some zombies are rotting, some are horribly maimed, but the Zombie Army keeps on coming! The story centers on the female member of the mission unit, Yuri, as she and her unit try to fight off the zombie assault. However, one by one the members of the unit and the fleeing civilians are turned into zombies too...

Miyu WATASE as Yuri/Jun YAMAZAKI as Hayakawa/Shun SAEKI as /Sakomizu Mihiro as Hitomi/Kenji ARAI as the spirit of Japanese soldier

Executive Producer: Hitoshi NAKAJIMA
Producer: Kenjiro NISHI, Masami TERANISHI
Script: Chisato OHGAWARA
Director: Naoyuki TOMOMATSU
Cinematographer: Mitsuaki FUJIMOTO
Lighting: Hiroaki SHIRAISHI
Music: Masami NAKAKOJI
Special Make-Up and Effects: Takashi ODA
Production Cooperation: Filmworks Movie King
Released by: GP Museum Soft Co.

(C) 2005 GP Museum Soft Co.